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Why should I list on

Well, the short answer is because you want more business, of course. Our mission is to drive loads of targeted adventure-seeking extreme adventurers traffic to, and then to make sure that those visitors are channelled to adventure sports that will get their blood pumping a little faster and keep them coming back for more.

We are already ranked #1 for loads of relevant keywords/key phrases, in most of the major search engines, which you have to admit, is pretty good going!

Want to know who you're dealing with?

We're a company that likes to stick to the knitting (figuratively not literally speaking)! Adventure sports, outdoor adventures and even some downright extreme adventure ...that's what we're all about and we will remain a pure adventure portal.

We refuse to dilute our website with ads for online casinos, dating sites, those pesky male enhancement products or life insurance, although with some of the adventure sports on offer, THAT might not be such a bad idea…!

We're sticking to adventure, and plenty of it.

This means that visitors know what to expect when they land on our site, and benefits you because you only get hot leads coming from us.

Okay, this sounds like it could be a good idea, but are you afraid to ask… do you just hand over an arm and a leg right away?

No, you can hang onto your limbs and extremities for now (in fact, better that you do, because you'll probably find that you need them to run your business effectively).

We have three different listing options, all quite affordable and all offering a really good return on investment.

Yes, we know there are cheaper options out there but we don't have to go into how anyone can make anything a little cheaper and hoodwink the uninitiated into parting with hard-earned bucks.

We've developed our costing structure with a lot of thought going into providing a really good product with superb search engine optimisation so that we get found and therefore ... you get found!

And, because we only focus on adventure activities, adventure sports and extreme adventures it's already being perceived as a specialist site for the true, blue, pure adventure seekers. And, that keeps us sharp sharp (local slang for up there moving and shaking).

So … you want to see the options?

Option 1: FREE Listing

If you run an adventure operation anywhere in southern Africa, then you are entitled to a FREE Listing on, under a single category (Air, Water or Land) and sub-category (e.g. Abseiling). This entitles you to 4 referrals after which you can upgrade to one of the other options or drop out.
A Free Listing consists of the following:
  • Company name
  • Type of Activity
  • Area of operation
  • Link to an email contact form.
If, as you're reading this, you're thinking, “Hey, I'm an adventure activity operator and my marketing budget's pretty shot, so I rather like the sound of FREE!” then click here to add your Free Listing. If the Internet is a little daunting, you can also send us an e-mail, including the following details: company name, contact person, contact landline or cell number, and your main category and sub-category (e.g. Land - Quad Biking), as well as your location.

There is no contract to be signed, no money to be paid, and we won't even demand that you give us a 51% share in your business. Free, in this case, actually does mean FREE.

If, on the other hand, you're thinking, “Hey, I'm an adventure activity operator and I could REALLY do with some more business right about now; isn't there an option that offers a little more exposure so I get noticed above my competition?” then stick around – of course there is.

Let's look at Option 2…

Option 2: FEATURED Listing

R97/month or R970 annual upfront fee (for those non-maths boffs that's a saving of R194 or 2 months for FREE!)

In addition to your FREE listing contact info, you can add the following for a Featured Listing:
  • Detailed information about your operation (we'll even provide you with the URL of this page, which means that if you don't have your own website, you can send clients directly to this page) – maximum 1000 characters or about 200 words
  • Upload 3 photographs showing people having a fab time
  • A link to your own website (if you have one)
  • Contact Form at the bottom of your listing – enquiries will go directly to you to save time!
Featured Listings are displayed ahead of the Free Listings in each category, which means that visitors will see your company's name first – and of course they'll visit your page, because, well, you'll have pictures.

Again, there are no contracts to be signed, and no requirement that you give us your eldest daughter's hand in marriage. You can cancel at any time, but we do ask that you give us your cancellation in writing (to prevent your fiercest competitor kindly cancelling on your behalf – and don't think it can't happen, just ask BJ and Tyler of The Amazing Race), and that we receive it 30 days before your final debit order.

If you're thinking, “Ooh, this sounds like exactly what I want; sign me up now,” then simply send us an e-mail and put “We're In!” in the subject line). Our Partnership Team will then contact you to find out which option you've settled on and to answer any questions you might still have. Your listing will be confirmed and hey presto, new adventurers will be banging on your door in no time.

But if you're thinking, “That sounds really cool, but from what I've learnt about these guys so far I'm pretty sure they still have something even cooler up their collective sleeve,” then you'd be right … read on…

Option 3: FLAGSHIP Listing

R297/month or R2970 for an annual upfront payment. Just to keep this easy that means a saving of R594 or again, 2 months for FREE!

As the name suggests, our Flagship Listing is the most powerful marketing tool of all. You get ALL the benefits listed above under Free and Featured Listing, PLUS:
  • Flagship listings appear first on both the search results page and the activity pages
  • Your activity linked to the home page with a stunning photo and contact details appearing on a rotating spot that comes up right there when people click onto the site
  • Detailed description of your activity (no limit in the amount of text you upload)
  • Left Nav bar containing 10 fields of vital information for your potential clients, which include, ‘How do I get there', ‘What should I wear' and ‘Number of participants'
  • Icons indicating whether you are Teambuilding, Family and/or Wheelchair friendly
  • the opportunity to share your “call to action”, special offers or latest enticement with everyone to pull them straight to your activity page from the home page (live feed on the home page)
  • the opportunity to offer a free activity to one of our roving independent evaluators who will then add this under the ‘Review' button on your listing page and even do a blog just on you!
Oh … and did we mention that we give you a unique username and password so you control your site contact 24/7. You don't have to fill in a form, in triplicate, 3 months in advance and then wait for site changes to be made. You can go on any time and change/update/add new info to keep your activity page dynamic and attractive.

By now I think you know that we won't make you sign any contracts or ask you to cede your life insurance to us. And just as with a Featured Listing, you can cancel at any time, provided you do so in writing and at least 30 days before your final debit order.

And now you're almost certainly ready to sign up (you surely can't be expecting MORE options, can you?).

Waste no further time: send us an e-mail with “We're In!” in the subject line and our Partnership Team will contact you to find out which option you've settled on. They'll answer any questions you might have, and help you through the listing process.

Once your listing has been confirmed you can sit back and watch as thrill-seekers start clicking through to your activity page and sending you contact forms.

Hold on, we're not quite done yet.

Okay then, there's just one more thing. Are you familiar with the term “Affiliate Programme”? If you are, read on. If not, read on too – it's a very simple concept, and you'll like it.

How our Affiliate Programme works...

If you opt for a Featured or Flagship Listing, you will automatically qualify to join our affiliate programme.

We'll send you sign-up forms containing your unique affiliate ID. Pass these on to any friends or colleagues who run an adventure activity in southern Africa, and for each completed form we get back containing your affiliate ID, you'll get a 25% discount on your monthly listing fee (once their first debit order has gone through successfully, of course).

Or, you can contact us at, give us a list of activity owners and if four of them sign on you'll qualify for a FREE Flagship Listing.

This means that if you refer just FOUR other adventure activity operators to us, who all sign on, you will get your Featured or Flagship Listing absolutely FREE!

Now remind us ... what are you waiting for?

PS:  we also have specials that run every now and then so if you're keen why not give us a call and see how we can help you take your business to new heights.

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