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Travel Info -- Eating Out

Is your national food haggis, bratwurst or pickled fish?

Well welcome to South African fare, where you’ll go home with lots of stories to tell.

While we’re more into biltong (dried and salted raw meat) and boerewors (spicy mince-meat stuffed into pig intestines) – before you get too nervous – we’re also rather partial to Chinese food, fine French cuisine, Italian pizza and pasta, American-style burgers and fries (although we call them chips), enormous steaks, fresh seafood, sushi and hot Indian curries.

Mouth watering yet?

You will find all of these, as well as a whole lot more traditional South African dishes, at the wide assortment of restaurants, coffee shops, delis, pizzerias, pubs and steakhouses dotted all around the country.

A few authentically South African things you absolutely have to try:
  • grilled ostrich steak (best eaten rare – great for those watching their cholesterol and weight!)
  • kudu biltong (dry, but oh-so-tasty)
  • Durban curry (hot and spicy)
  • koeksisters (very sweet and very delicious)
  • our legendary Cape wines (there’s a wine to complement every dish)
  • umqombothi (strong African-style beer)

Navigate through the links below, keeping a bit of paper towel handy. (Why, you ask? You’ll work it out as soon as you start reading about all the mouth-watering food on offer.)

In most South African restaurants it’s acceptable to dress in a casual style (we’re really into “style” so have fun) and it is customary to tip 10% of the bill, or more if you really feel the service warrants it.

And finally, the most important thing to remember when it comes to South African food, the best piece of advice we can give you is this: come hungry.

PS:  You absolutely have to try Monkey Gland sauce. You’ll find it in most places and it’s something you can tell your children (and grandchildren) about one day!

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