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SKY ADVENTURES - SKYDIVE, BALLOON & PARAGLIDE - KwaZulu Natal: Durban, The Greater Durban Area

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The Greater Durban Area
Tel: 073 334 7911
Fax: 086 666 5473

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how do I get there?
Directions will be supplied on booking confirmation, to the most suitable airfield.
vital information
Alcohol and Flying do not mix. Please refrain from drinking any form of Alcohol prior/during the flight. If you think you may feel a bit queasy whilst upside down, stick to a light snack before flying.
Theses activities are weather dependent. Low visibility conditions or strong winds, may mean that your flight may have to be postponed - be sure to keep an alternative date open just in case.
Spectators are most welcome to join you and will have an excellent vantage point from the ground to watch you take off and land.
These activities are very popular and weather dependent, so it is strongly advised that you book well ahead and where possible, cater for the whole weekend, should one of the days prove to be unsuitable.
Other Info
We cater for corporate days and team building events.
Skydiving and tandem skydiving puts all your earthly fears into manageable perspective. Skydiving inspires such complete focus of attention, that all other worries and frustrations are forgotten. It charges you with energy and spirit. Skydiving inspires freedom of spirit, and attracts some of the most interesting people on earth. Plus, it’s really fun to talk about!

Vital Information for Skydiving

The weight limit is 100 kg's. You need to be in good health with average fitness. If you are over 40 you will need to declare a medical fitness. If you are over 16 (minimum age), and under 21 you will require written consent from your parents / guardians. All parachutists wear two parachutes when making a jump. If you are a tandem passenger the instructor will carry out the reserve drill and use the 'reserve' if required. All the tandem parachute equipment has a device to open the reserve parachute automatically if required. Jumping is always subject to weather conditions and cancellations for this reason are made with your safety in mind. We will gladly rebook your experience for an alternative date when the weather conditions are safe.

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Skydive with Sky Adventures
Hot Air Ballooning!
Float majestically through the sky on a graceful hot air balloon ride enjoying the romance, the tranquility, breathtaking views and a champagne breakfast on landing. Hot air ballooning is an intoxicating experience, and an absolute must for any romantic.

Hot air ballooning is the oldest form of manned flight. Experience the awesome thrill and peaceful serenity of hot air ballooning. Today the hot air balloon is a magical slow moving platform from which to view the world. Hot air balloon flights are offered principally on the edge of the Drakensburg mountains in the South East of South Africa, just inland from Durban in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. The hot air balloon take-off is from a site in or around the Kamberg Valley and within sight of Giants Castle.

You will meet at the hot air balloon launch site approximately 30 minutes before sunrise, your pilot will then give you a safety briefing. Once the hot air balloon is heated and you are in the balloons basket you will enjoy a flight of around an hour. After helping to pack the hot air balloon you will return to a location close to take off point for an Alfresco breakfast and Champagne.

Vital Information for Ballooning

The hot air balloon has a partitioned basket specially designed to ensure safety, comfort and a superb view. The hot air balloon baskets are about 42 inches (1.1 metres high), and have footholds to assist entry. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult on the flight and should be tall enough to see over the basket sides!

In the event of a flight being cancelled due to bad weather, if the guests elect to cancel rather that reschedule their flight, 15% of the full payment will be withheld towards travel expenses from Gauteng.

The rates are per person and include breakfast.

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Hot Air Ballooning
Tandem Paragliding Flights & Paragliding Instruction Courses are on offer at one of the top paragliding schools in South Africa. Chief instructor, Hans Fokkens has been teaching people to paraglide since the early days of paragliding. You can’t ask for better than the green grassy slopes of Bulwer Mountain for your paragliding and tandem paragliding experience.

Vital Information fro Paragliding

Minimum age 8. Maximum weight 95kg. Paragliding and tandem paragliding flights are weather dependent. All bookings may be transferred to another date or another person but are not redeemable for cash.

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Paragliding with Sky Adventures


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