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SHARK CAGE DIVING KZN - LANDERS DIVE CENTRE - KwaZulu Natal: South Coast, Scottburgh

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Rocky Bay Beach South Coast KwaZulu Natal
Tel: 082 373 5950

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Fear Factor
Value for money

what should i wear?
Warm Jacket Sunscreen Towel Swimming costume
time period
Around 2 hours.
vital information
No diving experience required. You need to be able to swim (just for safety reasons). Seasickness pills if you need them (ask your doctor).
This experience is available to anyone from 8yrs of age up. No diving experience required. You need to be able to swim (just for safety reasons).
Other Info
Price R950 includes: 30 minute shark dive tutorial and conservation talk. 1 hour in water interaction time. Gear rental (mask, snorkel, fins, weight belt and wetsuit). Snacks and refreshments on the boat.

If You Can Swim, You Can Shark Cage Dive With Sharks

In A Shark Cage - No Diving Experience Required.
Shark cage diving typically involves diving in heavy metal cages in the cold waters of the western cape, specifically targeting the large great white sharks that inhabit that region.

However in the much warmer waters of Kwa-Zulu Natal, different species of shark can be found, like Tiger Sharks and Blacktip sharks. Because these species are smaller than the Great White Shark and their main diet consists of small schooling fish, a much lighter  shark cage can be used. There is even the option of getting out of the shark cage for a true shark interactive and unforgettable cage shark diving experience.

This is truly an exciting once in a lifetime experience - bond with family, friends or colleagues as you get close up to one of South Africa's big marine predators.

Many shark species are being pushed towards extinction through uncontrolled, destructive fishing methods. The sheer lack of compassion, understanding and basic awareness people have of these animals is enabling the slaughter of millions of sharks each year to continue unabated.

We view the cage diving experience as a vital way to connect people with healthy shark populations. The activity is intended to increase the level of focus, awareness and compassion the public have for sharks.

A typical shark cage dive involves getting into a wetsuit, donning a mask and snorkel and climbing into a floating cage with between 5 and 30 sharks gliding gracefully by, the cage walls. Due to the fact that there are mainly Blacktip sharks around these reefs, you are indeed allowed to get out of your cage and interact with these amazing, serene creatures. There has never been a recorded attack on a human by this species of shark.
Is it safe to get out the cage?

 Before answering the question you must understand a few things about sharks. Sharks are not Big Cats! A common mistake most people make when thinking about sharks is that they are just like lions and leopards, that will attack you given the chance. Terrestrial predators (big cats) are designed to hunt using strength, big claws, gravity and the hunt usually involves a chase and a struggle before the prey is subdued and consumed.

Humans don't look like fish, seals or turtles!

Contrary to popular belief, sharks have excellent eyesight. Sharks are able to clearly distinguish between colour, shape and contrast, just as well as humans. This means sharks are able to inspect us visually without having to risk making contact with an animal that they do not recognise or associate with any common prey group.

Sharks avoid confrontation!

Pelagic (open ocean) sharks live in an environment (zero gravity and currents) which enables them to travel vast distances with little effort. This means the animals have no need for established territories and no need to aggressively protect a particular area. This translates through to the animals overall behaviour which means the flight instinct within them is far stronger than an almost non-existent fight instinct.
: <br>Beautiful beast on view.
Shark Cage Diving KZN - Landers Dive Centre:
Beautiful beast on view.
Shark Cage Diving KZN - Landers Dive Centre : <br>Book today for their awesome seasonal specials.Do not be at the back of this queue!

Get the best seat in the cage!

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Shark Cage Diving KZN - Landers Dive Centre :
Book today for their awesome seasonal specials.Do not be at the back of this queue! Get the best seat in the cage! Make the booking here today. Scroll down for the booking form.


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