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ALL OUT ADVENTURES - KwaZulu Natal: Drakensberg - Northern, Royal National Park

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Northern Drakensberg near Royal National Park.
Tel: 036 438 6242
Cell: 072 386 1344

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South: 28° 38" 59'
East: 29° 1" 7'
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Adventure Packages
what should i wear?
Sensible shoes and clothes that move.
time period
That will all depend on how much time you have, we can keep you having fun as long as you can keep up with the pace.
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays except during KZN school terms. Please note that during holiday season when we remain open every day.
The biggest adventure centre in the Northern Drakensburg is waiting for you

Spectacularly situated on a thousand hectares of mountain wilderness in the KZN Drakensberg region, All Out Adventures offers unforgettable activities and entertainment to all Adventurers. Adventure Sports offered include South Africa's only commercially operated flying trapeze, king swing, bungee bounce, zip line, paintball and quad bikes.

Be it corporate getaways, team building, youth groups or adventurous visitors to our valley, All Out Adventures can tailor make a package to suite your specific needs. Almost all of the activities can be offered at alternate venues, so at our venue or yours, go all out on your next corporate, youth or holiday adventure.

Guided Mountain Out rides - a 15km Adventure Trail through Montusi Gorge, Rocky Pass, Meck's Pass and the new Owl's Pass.

Minimum age of 16 years – No Passengers over 30kg.  Booking essential due to limited number of quads and a competency test is required.

A minimum of 2 people are required for this activity and a maximum of 8 people per group.

Approximate duration is 1 hour.

: <br>Quad biking a good experience as a corporate outing in the great outdoors!
All Out Adventures:
Quad biking a good experience as a corporate outing in the great outdoors!
: <br>Quad bikers utopia!
All Out Adventures:
Quad bikers utopia!
As much fun as you can handle


A most thrilling climb up a spiral staircase to the top of a pine tree followed by a breathtaking traverse of two suspension bridges before the hair-raising freefall swing from our 17 meter suspension bridge in the trees.  

Again you can climb the worlds highest wooden spiral stair case up a tree to our 21 meter take off on a  2 part 300 meter high speed cable slide.  Harnesses are worn by all participants for the duration of the experience. 


The game takes place in our dramatic forested arena, where the variety of natural and man- made barriers make for an interesting game.  2 teams will play at a time.  Each team must try to capture the flag that is posted in the centre of the arena.  They must then take it back to their base, and try to defend it for the rest o the game.  The opposing team tries to win the flag back, and the team in possession of the flag at the end of the game is the winner.  The game is over when everybody’s paint is finished.  Participants must leave the arena once their paint is finished.   For this challenge, each participant will be issued with 100 paintballs.  Although protective overalls and masks are issued, the paintballs can cause welts, bruises and even broken skin.  It’s not for naught that the game has been renamed PAINball on more than one occasion.  Definitely not for the faint hearted…..! 

All Out Adventures: <br>Spiral staircase...the fun route!
All Out Adventures:
Spiral staircase...the fun route!
All Out Adventures: <br>one two three....FUN!
All Out Adventures:
one two three....FUN!
Just when you thought it could not get better we found more action for you


Fly on South Africa’s only commercially operated Flying Trapeze in the security of a safety belt under expert instruction.   

A spectacular four way trampoline and bungee system where participants are harnessed in and winched up above the trampoline, enabling them to jump extremely high and safely perform awesome acrobatic feats!  (5 minute session) 


An exhilarating ride along a series of 6 zip line cables suspended 25 meters above the forest floor. Reaching speeds of up to 60km per hour, its more like bird racing, than bird watching...... After an easy 10 minute walk to Platform One guides escort you on cable slides up to 230 meters between platforms.  Every platform has a guide operated braking system so you don’t have to stress about how you will stop.  All you have to do is enjoy the ride!

Booking is essential due to limited places on each tour.
A minimum of 2 people are required for this activity.
1-2 hour duration.



All Out Adventures: <br>Whoop whoop the bounce of a lifetime!
All Out Adventures:
Whoop whoop the bounce of a lifetime!
: <br>Cable tour the tree tops.
All Out Adventures:
Cable tour the tree tops.

Adrenalin to boot!
Our guests are challenged and given a healthy dose of Adrenalin to boot.
- Chris
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