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Book a Corporate Fun Day or a Special Occasion Party for 10 or more people and we will give you a gift FREE voucher to use at your leisure or to pass to someone as a gift. Voucher valid for 12 months and entitles you to a free 15 minute flight (Gyrocopter or Microlight) The voucher will be issued to you after the event has taken place and may not be redeemable for cash.
how do I get there?
Directions will be supplied on booking confirmation, to the most suitable airfield.
vital information
Alcohol and Flying do not mix. Please refrain from drinking any form of Alcohol prior/during the flight. If you think you may feel a bit queasy whilst upside down, stick to a light snack before flying.
Theses activities are weather dependent. Low visibility conditions or strong winds, may mean that your flight may have to be postponed - be sure to keep an alternative date open just in case.
Spectators are most welcome to join you and will have an excellent vantage point from the ground to watch you take off and land.
These activities are very popular and weather dependent, so it is strongly advised that you book well ahead and where possible, cater for the whole weekend, should one of the days prove to be unsuitable.
Other Info
We cater for corporate days and team building events.
Sky Adventures
: <br>Helicopter flights
Sky Adventures:
Helicopter flights
Experience a helicopter ride and enjoy the thrilling versatility of this amazing machine when it moves forward, sideways, backwards or simply hovers in the air. Why not let us organise your helicopter ride and a picnic when you land within the KwaZulu-Natal countryside., Take off on a microlight flight into the clear blue sky and experience breath taking views as you fly over the beautiful countryside of The Valley of Thousand Hills.

Microlight flights are offered with two different types of aircraft. The Aquilla microlight which is in the weight shift category is the most popular Microlight in South Africa and The Jabiru microlight is an Australian design, this wonderful microlight aircraft is an all-composite fixed-wing, three axis airplane, yet is still classified as a Microlight. Your pilot will talk to you throughout your microlight flight offering a running commentary on the view and piloting of the aircraft. If you are feeling brave the pilot will let you take control! An amazing opportunity not to be missed!

Your pilot may even allow you to steer the microlight aircraft!

Coastal microlight flights are also available.
: <br>Microlight flights
Sky Adventures:
Microlight flights
Sky Adventures
The gyrocopter is a magnificent flying machine that enables you to experience safe open flying whilst enjoying the breath-taking views, flying on the coast and up to high mountains.

The 2-seater Magni gyrocopter has a maximum speed of 210kph.

The gyrocopter provides for an exceptional flying experience in a 'James Bond' style 2-seater aircraft. You to be seated at the back of the gyrocopter whilst the pilot sits in front. Your gyrocopter pilot will talk to you through his intercom and depending on your level of adventure you can either choose a relaxing calm flight or you can request that your pilot demonstrates to you just what a remarkable machine the gyrocopter is!

The Magni Gyrocopter has two seats and a Rotax 914 Turbo 115 hp engine. The gyrocopter was built in Italy. The gyrocopters rate of climb is 1000 ft per minute. The gyrocopter will not stall, spin or fall out of control at zero airspeed and it is not very sensitive to wind gusts and is safe to fly in strong winds.

You will be thrilled with your gyrocopter flight experience!

Sky Adventures
: <br>Gyrocopter flights
Sky Adventures:
Gyrocopter flights


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