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AEROSPORT - Western Cape: Cape Town, Fisantekraal Airfield

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Fisantekraal Airfield
Tel: 082 883 7347
Cell: 083 675 3541
Fax: 021 982 2017

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South: 33° 46" 16'
East: 18° 44" 24'
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& FREQUENCY - You should fly regularly, at a minimum two hours a month. This will ensure you learning progresses steadily and your confidence will keep building.
vital information
While all 'adventure activities' are risky, we at Aerosport, along with all other flying training institutions and the governing regulator or very conscious of safety. From the beginning of your training, you will be schooled both in the air and during ground school in safety techniques, how to avoid problems as well as what to do when you encounter one. It part of the very culture of our school.
Other Info
All our aircraft our regularly checked and maintained by qualified people. Our aircraft services are of the highest quality. At present we are focused on sport aviation, and while we do not train commercial students, all students are very welcome to achieve their PPL license with us before progressing to a commercial training organisation.

Aerosport offers training on all types of 3 Axes, 2 Axes, Weight Shift and Gyrocopters

If you are the kind of person who loves freedom, excitement, companionship, scenic beauty, pure fun or a challenge, then all these things and many more new horizons are to be your heritage. If you wish to take advantage of them, these words go some small way towards describing the sheer unparalleled pleasures which microlight flying will bring you.

: <br>The Romance of FLIGHT
The Romance of FLIGHT
: <br>Cessna 172
Cessna 172
Aquilla Trike
Sting TL 2000
Jabiru 230
Cessna 172
Magni Gyro M16

Fisantekraal Airfield situated on the outskirts of Cape Town and is ideal for training.

The airfield is outside controlled airspace, which means freedom to fly away from busy airline cycles, and much closer to the training zones.


Travelling from Cape Town take the N1 Motorway towards Paarl (East).
Keep going for about 25km and just after passing the Tygerberg Zoo (signposted) on your left; take the R304 Klipheuwel / Stellenbosch off-ramp to the left. 

Proceed to the Stop. Turn left towards KLIPHEUWEL (North) and travel on this road for approx 6km till you reach a 4-way intersection. Watch out for roadworks in progress along this road.

At the intersection turn left on the R312 towards DURBANVILLE (West) and travel along this road for about 1.5 km (again watching out for roadworks) At the top of the rise look out for the Fisantekraal Airfield Sign and turn right. Please note to be extra careful of traffic on this road when departing the field, as it is a blind rise from the left.
Proceed alongside the Runway until the road leads you to a boom gate and park on the left of the gate. 

The office is directly in front of you (Big red Coca Cola sign).
Look out at all times for aircraft, as you will be crossing an active taxiway

Looking forward to seeing you at the field. Please don’t hesitate to call if you need further directions. 

Allow for about 45minutes travel from Cape Town. Please arrive at least 20 minutes before your appointment.


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