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FACE ADRENALIN, BLOUKRANS BRIDGE BUNGY - Western Cape: Garden Route, Tsitsikamma

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Tsitsikamma Forest Village Market
Tel: 042 281 1458
Cell: 083 441 8072

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Fear Factor
Value for money

how do I get there?
Travel on the N2 from Cape Town 40 km East of Plettenberg Bay, you will go through the Tsitsikamma tollgate 3 km past the tollgate you will drive over the bridge 500m past the bridge, turn left at the road sign "Tsitsikamma Khoisan Village / BungyJumping"If you are travelling from Port Elizabeth, the bridge is 20 km West of Storms River.
what should i wear?
Wear comfortable outdoor clothes and a good pair of trainers. No skirts or dresses as you will be fitted with harness.
vital information
Your safety is always of Primary concern to us. Every safety precaution is taken.
Jumps are conducted in most weather conditions, if unsure of forecast; you are more than welcome to contact us.
All Face Adrenalin adventures are suitable for groups, F.I.Ts, incentive and teambuilding packages. Contact us with your enquiries today!
Our venue is exceedingly spectator friendly with various viewing decks available to the public. For those who want to view the action up close and personal, our bridge walking tour is the best way to go about it.
Booking, although not essential, is always advisable especially during peak holiday periods. Scroll down to find Enquiry Form.
Other Info
Bloukrans is officially recognised by Guinness World Records as being the World’s Highest Commercial Bungy Jump at a whooping 216 m high! A proud record for South Africa and particularly, the Plettenberg Bay, Garden Route.
Worlds Highest Commercially Operating Bungy
FACE ADRENLINE, invites you to experience the Highest Commercially Operating Bungy on the Planet.

PROLOGUE:  A Google search of the term “Bloukrans Bungy” tells us that for many who have participated, the experience has had such a positively profound effect on their lives, that in a manner not dissimilar the spiritually enlightened, they feel a deep need to go out and spread the word.
This ICON of South African Adventure Activity, operating for several years now, has been the source of inspiration for endless Bloggers, forum posts, aspiring adventure writers, and loads and loads of YouTube videos, none of which are remotely capable of capturing its true awesomeness. For those who have jumped, it’s impossible to explain, for those who haven't it's impossible to understand, you simply have to experience it for yourself. Jumper,

Worlds Highest Commercial Bungy

The Bloukrans River Bridge situated on the N2 highway east of Plettenberg Bay does encompass the world’s largest single span concrete arch and while traffic passes overhead, Bungy jumping takes place from from the top of the arch below the road deck.

A full body harness is fitted and secured before proceeding down an elongated catwalk mounted to the underside of the road. This specially designed catwalk is the same in length as the bridge is in height, thus necessitating a seemingly endless 216 meter trip. It’s also 216 meters above ground, and is in essence a see through reinforced steel grid, marking the build up to the point of countdown, just as unforgettable.

Face Adrenalin: <br>Worlds Highest Commercially Operating Bungy
Face Adrenalin:
Worlds Highest Commercially Operating Bungy
Face Adrenalin: <br>Worlds Highest Commercially Operating Bungy
Face Adrenalin:
Worlds Highest Commercially Operating Bungy
Double Rush
At the top of the arch you are given final instructions by highly experienced staff, there is an additional safety check, a short countdown, and off you go on a high speed journey that combines every emotion into a thrilling freefall. Bloukrans utilizes pendulum bungy technology, ensuring you the smoothest, most comfortable, bungy trip possible.

Among first time jumpers, there is a common misconception that the initial pull of body weight will result in a tremendous and potentially painful jarring sensation. Keeping in mind that the Bungy cord, is in essence made up of highly resilient elastic and therefore, unlike a static line, stretches on body mass creating the most amazing sensation of almost weightlessness, while slowing down to the point of recoil.   
Flying Fox

Flying Fox is the NEWEST addition to the Bloukraans adventure Experience. A 200 m cable slide (Zip Line or Foofieslide as South Africans tend to favor) out onto the archway of the bridge! This is the quickest way to get to your bungy jump destination and if the bungy isn’t for you, this is a great alternative adrenalin rush, all on its own. Click HERE to view video.

The Double Rush Adventure Combo Adventure Experience.

This is a combination of both the Flying Fox and the Bungy Jump, try your hand at two of the most exciting adventures experiences available in SA.
: <br>Worlds Highest Commercially Operating Bungy
Face Adrenalin:
Worlds Highest Commercially Operating Bungy
: <br>Worlds Highest Commercially Operating Bungy
Face Adrenalin:
Worlds Highest Commercially Operating Bungy
Bridge Walking Tours

Come and learn about the incredible engineering feats that went into building this amazing bridge. Walk along a spectacular and specially designed catwalk to the top of the arch from where you look out over the Gorge to the mountains and the sea in the distance. Informative guides will introduce you to the enchantment of this special place. This is the perfect way to watch the live Bungy show up close and personal and is an ideal alternative to jumping off!

Bridge Facts:

  • Bloukrans Bridge is the highest and largest bridge in Africa
  • The third highest in the world
  • It is the world’s largest single span concrete arch bridge.

Face Adrenalin are also the proud operators of the Gourits River Bridge Bungy and Bridge Swing just out side Mossel Bay, as well as the majestic Tranquility Lodge.

Live the Experience ….. BOOK NOW!!!

: <br>Worlds Highest Commercially Operating Bungy
Face Adrenalin:
Worlds Highest Commercially Operating Bungy
: <br>Worlds Highest Commercially Operating Bungy
Face Adrenalin:
Worlds Highest Commercially Operating Bungy

Well Done
I did the jump with a friend of mine and o boy must be one of the highlights of my life... The jumpmasters and staff are friendly, highly professional and their performance is outstanding, my mom who did the bridge walk to see me jump is TERRIFIED of height and they talked her through it comforted her gave her a blanket... outstanding guys...
- Jeffrey Hughes
Bloukrans Bunji Awsome
Hi Guys, my wife and I were there this past Saturday (21/06/2008) and did a jump. It was the best and most daring thing we ever did, we still can’t get over it and I think I watched the DVD about 10 times already and its not even 24hours since we got home. I have sent the pics to almost everyone I know. You guys are pretty awesome about the way you go about conducting the jumps. Thanks once again for an amazing and memorable experience, u made our holiday so much more memorable and enjoyable.
- Nishkar Kalicharan
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