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ADVANTAGE TOURS - KwaZulu Natal: Northern KwaZulu-Natal, St Lucia

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St Lucia, KwaZulu-Natal
Tel: 035 590 1259
Cell: 083 487 2762
Fax: 035 590 1053

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how do I get there?
The Hippo Tours depart from the Jetty, which is just to the left of the main road approaching St Lucia. For Whale Watching, you will meet at our offices in St Lucia - first building on the right as you come into the town.
what should i wear?
It is advisable to wear comfortable clothes and trainers for these activities and not a bad idea to bring a raincoat. Remember to bring your hat, sunglasses and sunscreen, as well as your camera.
time period
The Whale Watching trip is around 3 hours and the Hippo Tour is 2 hours long. It is advisable to allow for a full day in the area though, as there is plenty to do and see.
vital information
Danie is the only LEGAL permit holder to take you boat based whale watching in St Lucia. Please note, it is an offence to approach a whale within 300m without having a permit. From mid Autumn until Spring our last Hippo Tour departs at 15h00 so we can return before dark!
Both trips are weather dependent, so it is advisable to contact us before your trip to confirm the conditions predicted.
We can accommodate up to 8 people for the Whale Watching Trip and up to 40 people for the Hippo Tour
This is not really a spectator activity, although you are welcome to bring your friends and family with you - there are curio shops, restaurants and other activities to keep them busy, while you are out on the boat.
The demand for these activities is very high in season, so it is very important that you book as far ahead as possible, especially for the whale watching. After Hours cell phone number 083 487 2762 to be used AFTER 16h00 daily and AFTER 14h00 on weekend for any/all bookings.
Other Info
If you do NOT see a whale after 2 hours on the ocean, 40% of the cost will be refunded to you in cash!!! This is the most fun you will have with your clothes on!
Boat-based Whale Watching with Advantage Tours

This is something exceptionally special, and anyone that is wanting a memory to last beyond a lifetime should pay us a visit .

Our ocean going boat, the ADVANTAGE CHARTER, is built eco-friendly with passenger safety and comfort in mind and engines complying with EPA standards. In the safe hands of experienced and renowned skipper Danie Bennett, you wil be taken through the waves to see the gigantic HUMPBACK WHALE.

THE WHALES migrate pass this stretch of coastline between the months of mid May to end of November , to calf and breed in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. You may be fortunate to witness a mother feeding a new born calf, or a male breaching, lifting a body mass of about 40 tons clear out of the ocean a mere 50 meters away from the boat !!!! or maybe just swimming alongside the vessel .


You may also see a variety of pelagic bird life, dolphins frolicking alongside the bow of the boat, sea turtles in season, shark, marlin and other interesting marine mammals .

We need about 3 hours of your time, of which the actual tour duration is approximately 2 hours on the ocean, and then 30 minutes on either side to get you to-and from the launch site. This in itself is an adventure, as you meet at a central booking office, from where you will be taken to the launch site with a 4 x 4 truck onto the beach.

From the time that you meet at the office till 3 hours later when you return from your trip , cameramen will be taking video footage of yourself and your sightings and a personalized DVD of yourself aboard the Advantage Charter can be bought at the WHALE SHOP about an hour after your return!

Danie Bennett has a treasure house full of knowledge about the Whales, and will give a full educational talk of- for instance: what part of the whale was used decades ago to make a ladies’ corset? etc, and then a hydrophone on board will allow you to on occasion listen to the whales singing which can bring a tear to your eyes.

If you have been out at sea with Danie for the entire 2 hours and you have NOT seen any whale , you will get 50% of your money refunded the moment you return to the office . Please do make sure that you go with a legal operator like Danie , ask us for a list of all the legal permit holders in South Africa , as we do have illegal operators that will offer you a ''2 hour deep-sea trip'' and try to take you whale watching under the auspices of a sightseeing trip . These operators might not be insured , make sure you are on a legal, permitted and fully insured vessel before you go out to sea .

: <br>Advantage Charter
Advantage Tours:
Advantage Charter
: <br>Croc & Hippo sightings
Advantage Tours:
Croc & Hippo sightings
Advantage Cruiser Passenger Ferry for an Estuary Cruise
The Greater St Lucia Wetlands Park, a World Heritage Site - explored from aboard the ADVANTAGE CRUISER

Our passenger ferry, the ADVANTAGE CRUISER, custom built to venture in shallow water and environmentally friendly engines for a minimum impact on the ecology complying with EPA standards, departs from an easily accessible jetty in the heart of ST LUCIA. The boat consist of a lower covered deck, with an added sundeck upstairs for the person seeking a suntan whilst on board.

En route the 2 hour cruise we will show you some of the largest vegetated dunes in the world, a variety of prolific bird life can be viewed, oyster banks which was once part of the ocean are passed at the islands at Honeymoon Bend.

At this point crocodiles basking in the sun is one of the main attractions. Then for the main highlight we turn and venture north towards "The Narrows" for the Hippo’s! Riëtte Bennett, co-owner of ADVANTAGE CRUISER, is also on occasion your lady "captain", together with Dave and Berno who help out as relief skippers, these qualified Theta guides will enthusiastically give you a full educational talk on the mangrove swamps, the hippo’s, crocodiles, and the eco-systems, the Wetland Park and what she has to offer.

The boat itself has ample walking space for the avid photographer, with intermittent stops en route next to all the highlights you will be given the opportunity to take photographs for memories to last a lifetime. ADVANTAGE CRUISER has toilet facilities, a cash bar as well as tea/coffee facility, a sophisticated Public Address system and comfortable upholstered seats and is wheelchair friendly.

Catering can be done on prior arrangement and more and more tour groups are making use of this facility to eat on board whilst touring, as this allows for more time to get to the next stop on your itinerary. ADVANTAGE CRUISER operates 7 days a week, it is a 2 hour trip, and if need be, departure times can be negotiated. Our concession allows us to operate within a pristine part of the Wetland Park, and the boat complies with all the Park Authorities’ regulations and Department of Transport permits.

: <br>Launching the boat
Advantage Tours:
Launching the boat
: <br>Baby Hippo
Advantage Tours:
Baby Hippo
The St Lucia Adventure Experience
Other Activities offered in the Area

We also offer a range of other activities in the area. These include a Marine Mammal Experience, Trips to the Hluhluwe/Umfolozi Game Reserve and Crocodile Farm, Snorkeling Safaris, Horseback Riding on the Beach, Turtle tours and many more. For more information on these tours and a breakdown of the pricing, Click here

: <br>Jaws of the hippo
Advantage Tours:
Jaws of the hippo
Advantage Tours: <br>Mangrove Kingfisher
Advantage Tours:
Mangrove Kingfisher


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