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DRAKENSBERG CANOPY TOUR - KwaZulu Natal: Drakensberg - Central, Winterton

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Cathkin Park, Central Drakensburg, Winterton
Tel: 036 4681891
Cell: 083 661 5691

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South: 29° 0" 12'
East: 29° 25" 20'
Fear Factor
Value for money

how do I get there?
Opposite Drakensberg Sun, off the R600
what should i wear?
You should wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe footwear. Slip-slops are not suitable as they will simply fall off. Shorts or long pants are fine. Running shoes, takkies, and veldskoene are perfect and strap-on sandals will do. You could also dab on some sun-screen & bug-b-gone!
time period
The Drakensberg Canopy Tour® experience lasts approximately three hours.
This adventure suits 7 year-olds and upwards so long as you weigh no more than 120kgs.
The tour opens in November 2009. In summer from 06:00 - 16:00 and winter from 08:00 - 17:00. Tours depart every 45 minutes and are conducted in most weather conditions. Book in advance to secure your place.
Other Info
The Drakensberg Canopy Tour® experience lasts approximately three hours and costs R450 per person. This includes all equipment, guides, transport, refreshments and a light meal. Bookings are essential.
Our brochures say that anyone between 7 and 70 is welcome on the canopy tour. However the current youngest and oldest client records stand with a 4 year old and an 85 year old! The Canopy Tour® is not very physically demanding and as long as you are able to walk out of the forest over uneven ground we will probably be able to provide you with the Canopy Tour® experience. Those who do not have the ability to regulate their speed on the slides will be able to go in tandem along each cable with one of our trained guides. If you have a medical condition or disability please enquire with our office staff before booking a tour.

Canopy Tours are ideal for nature lovers, family getaways, group or student excursions and corporate team building events.

The guides control a maximum of 8 people at a time. Larger groups are split to accommodate this. Bookings for more than 8 people will simply be split into smaller groups that follow one behind the other. Super group bookings of up to 150 people per day for corporate and team-building events are available.
: <br>Fun for all
Drakensberg Canopy Tour:
Fun for all
: <br>Look down you'll be safe
Drakensberg Canopy Tour:
Look down you'll be safe
It is quite normal to be afraid of heights. Many of our clients arrive at the canopy tour a little nervous and are often quite anxious on the first slide. The experience may even be a bit scary. But for most of you by the end of the tour these fears will have disappeared and been replaced with an immensely rewarding sense of achievement. You can even take home your own Canopy Tour completion certificate if you need to prove it to your friends!

Experience nature like never before as you slide through the forest canopy and enjoy a unique birds-eye view on the world around you.

Set within the magnificent Blue Grotto forest, the Drakensberg Canopy Tour® is guaranteed to take your breath away. The forest is home to over 150 species of birds including the rare Bush Blackcap.

Led by trained guides as you glide between platforms perched in trees and on cliff faces, allow your senses to flood with the timeless atmosphere of the forest. The inspiring nature of the majestic Drakensberg, the ancient indigenous forest, waterfalls and the cascading stream make this an opportunity not to be missed.

The Drakensberg Canopy Tour® is a fun and safe eco-adventure for the whole family and is also ideal for teambuilding and corporate events. The tour typically lasts 3 hours after which you will return to the reception to enjoy a well-deserved light meal.
Drakensberg Canopy Tour: <br>Nature awaits
Drakensberg Canopy Tour:
Nature awaits
Drakensberg Canopy Tour: <br>Views from new angles
Drakensberg Canopy Tour:
Views from new angles
The Drakensberg Canopy Tour® starts with a safety briefing and demonstration at our reception, after which you are kitted up with a full body harness, pulley, gloves and safety helmet.

Your group will then be transported in an open vehicle to the start of the Tour. From the moment you launch off the first platform, a new world unfolds as you slide on steel cables across to the next viewpoint. At each platform we encourage you to enjoy the view while your guide points out interesting features and facts about the surrounding ecology.

Two professional guides escort all groups at all times. Your safety is paramount and there are strict procedures in place to ensure that you are constantly connected to either the cable or the platform.

Drakensberg Canopy Tour® has been designed and built by a qualified civil engineer. Two guides escort each group and will monitor your progress at all times. Your safety is paramount and strict procedures are in place to ensure that you are constantly connected to either the cable or the platform. We use full body harnesses. All equipment is alpine quality which carries the highest safety certification ratings. All that’s left for you to worry about is having a good time!

: <br>Just like Jane
Drakensberg Canopy Tour:
Just like Jane
: <br>Whoooosh
Drakensberg Canopy Tour:


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