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Waterskiing: 7 listings
Midmar Boating and Hire
Midlands, KZN
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Waterskiing Sunday's River
Algoa Bay, EC
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Blue Haze Country Lodge
Drakensberg - Central, KZN
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Broadwater River Escape
Douglas, NC
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Blue Rock Cable Waterski
Helderberg, WC
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Base 3
Johannesburg, GAU
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Mofam Water-Ski School
Overberg, WC
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: Waterskier carves a wave
Waterskier carves a wave
Water loving South African outdoor activity enthusiasts have plenty of waterscapes where they can indulge waterskiing passions each weekend. There are lakes, dams, lagoons and beaches that offer a haven to water ski pundits. Waterskiing tutors are available at the hot spots if you need to notch up a couple of lessons before you can get up and out of the water with panache but some will hit the water like a bumbling albatross landing the first few times. With practice a smooth graceful skill is achieved.

The water skier will begin by crouching in the water and he will signal the spotter to indicate he is ready for pull off. As the boat powers forwards the water skier will be hauled up and out of the water. The spotter will keep an eye on the skier so he can swiftly advise the driver to stop if there is a man in the water, a red flag should be raised on the boat to alert other skippers that there is a skier in the water nearby. Boat speed varies between around 25km per hour and 75km per hour. The speed and rope length are dictated by the skiers abilities and style.

Once the basics of waterskiing are grasped the participant in this action activity can dabble in tricks or racing. A day spent at the water with a speedboat on hand, sunshine above and a spirit of adventure makes for thrilling action.

Tubes, kneeboards, water snakes and wakeboards are all variations available to the boating adventurers.


Your basic requirements are a life-jacket, boats, ropes and skis. These, a driver and spotter are pretty much what you need to get started. In chill water a wetsuit makes skiing more comfortable.

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