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Adventure Tours -- Vehicle and Camper Hire
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Vehicle and Camper Hire: 3 listings
Buffalo Campers
Johannesburg, GAU
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Wicked Campers
Cape Town, WC
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Helderberg Camper Hire
Helderberg, WC
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Vehicle hire means you get where you want on your own time schedule, this si a great option for independent adventure seeker who get that the joy is in the trip. The economically savvy who really want to take in South Africa on their own terms will be jazzed at the idea of a Camper home which will cater to sleeping and kitchen needs out on the open roads. This option offer limitless freedom. Check out various hire options here.
A word on Vehicle and Camper Hire:
  'It's better to travel alone than with a bad companion' African Proverb  


Very importantly, never pay a cash for the excess on a rental car. Companies that are safe to deal with call for an authorisation code on your credit card to confirm you are indeed good for the payment, but they won't take the money out of your card. Some visitors who have paid cash to a little car hire business have found that this money is never find repaid to them. Low-lifes know you probably will not return to their area anytime soon to take action and they see you as an easy target. So remember that the credit card authorisation is sufficient, you don't have to make a cash payment for the deposit.

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