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River Boat Cruises: 5 listings
White Mischief
Eastern Free State, FS
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Kosi Forest Lodge
Northern KwaZulu-Natal, KZN
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Jumbo Boat Cruises
Mopani, LIM
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The Sundays River Ferry Company
Algoa Bay, EC
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River Safaris
Mopani, LIM
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River Boat Cruises
South Africa has a wealth of navigable rivers some with large estuaries which are ideal for the pleasurable pursuit of a river boat cruise. A river boat cruise in South Africa provides you with various opportunities to relax, wine, dine, party, take great photographs, sneak a cooling dip or soak up the sunshine. They are fine occassions to be enjoyed by scholars, families, tour groups and corporate teams. Suitable rivers are calm and soothe the soul while you luxuriate in fresh air and panoramic open spaces. There is little else to match the pure peace and comfort that a river cruise can bring you.


The equipment you need will be supplied by the river boat cruise company.
River Boat Cruises


This is an gentle adventure and you will be safe escpecially since river boat travel is not challenged by big waves and massive winds that prevail out at sea.

Interesting Facts:

While you float quietly along in a game reserve you should keep a look out for animals at the waters edge and in trees. Land animals pay less attention to the water as they have seldom been threatened by danger from this area. This makes a river boat the ideal game-viewing vehicle where there is a navigable water mass.
River Boat Cruises


As early as 20,000 BC mankind used simple rafts and dugouts to traverse rivers for fishing and transport. Later these basic river boats were powered by oars, sails and then steam. Today small high speed boats are also used on river ways at a less elegant speed. River boats are still widely used today to move logs, livestock and supplies.They are also used extensively for leisurely river boat cruises.

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River Boat Cruises
River Boat Cruises
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