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Air Adventures -- Hang Gliding
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Hang Gliding: 6 listings
Free Flying Adventures
Pretoria, GAU
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Skyguide Paragliding
Durban, KZN
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Eagle Encounters
Garden Route, WC
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Big Sky Hang Gliding
Winelands, WC
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Izulu Paragliding School
Pietermaritzburg, KZN
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Bulwer Hang Gliding school
Drakensberg - Southern, KZN
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As with Paragliding, South Africa has some of the best flying conditions for adventure sport enthusiasts in the world. Most schools operate from the same launch points as their Paragliding cousins, although Hang Gliding has not quite reached the same popularity yet. You can either find a school above to start learning how to fly, or you can go for a once-off tandem flight. There is even a unique variation of this adventure sport, where they launch the Hang Glider from the back of a speed boat. For this and similar outdoor adventures, have a look at the listings below - we are sure that you will find somewhere close at hand.

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