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Golf: 17 listings
Golf Breaks
Johannesburg, GAU
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Sabie River Golf Club
Sabie, MPU
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Fishing for Africa
Dolphin Coast, KZN
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Nelspruit Golf Club
Nelspruit, MPU
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White River Country Club
White River, MPU
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Golf in the Wild
Mopani, LIM
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Gorge View Bush Golf
Midlands, KZN
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Euphoria Golf Estate
Waterberg, LIM
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Elements Private Game Reserve
Waterberg, LIM
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Prince's Grant Golf Estate
Dolphin Coast, KZN
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Zulu Kingdom Leisure Vacations
South Coast, KZN
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Tzaneen Country Club
Mopani, LIM
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Dainfern Golf Club
Johannesburg, GAU
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Ambula Golf & Safari Tours
Zululand, KZN
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Skukuza Golf Club
Kruger National Park, MPU
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Graceland Country Club
Secunda, MPU
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Coro Creek Bushveld Golf Estate
Waterberg, LIM
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: All set? Let's tee off.
Golf Adventure:
All set? Let's tee off.
Want a challenge? Then try golf. It seems ridiculously easy – hit a little white ball with a club into a hole. If only it was that simple!

Who would have guessed that this pastime would captivate millions of people and develop into a multi-billion dollar, worldwide sport with several professional tours operating around the globe?

More people play golf than any other outdoor sport and with a great climate and stunning courses at both sea level and altitude, South Africa is a golfer’s paradise.

Whether you want to pit your skills against a course that has held a European PGA sanctioned tour event or just enjoy a leisurely afternoon’s golf, you can find a course to suit your needs.

Being a sport that focuses more on skill than strength, the game offers exercise, great surroundings outdoors and the constant challenge of pitting your wit and strategy against both natural and man-made elements like wind, trees, bunkers and water holes.
A word on Golf:
  Golf appeals to the idiot in us and the child. Just how childlike golf players become is proven by their frequent inability to count past five. ~John Updike

If profanity had an influence on the flight of the ball, the game of golf would be played far better than it is. ~Horace G. Hutchinson

I have a tip that can take five strokes off anyone's golf game: it's called an eraser. ~Arnold Palmer


There is a mind boggling array of equipment on offer for the seemingly basic task of hitting a ball into a hole. Huge industries spend big money on research to produce the ultimate golf club and golf ball that in turn will enhance your golf game.

However, you don’t need the latest equipment to enjoy the game. A variety of clubs (woods, irons and a putter), some golf balls and golf tees and a golf bag to put everything in will set you up to take on your selected golf course.

: Golfing in the Bushveld...
Golf Adventure:
Golfing in the Bushveld...


South Africa has a number of unique safety hazards:

On some of the golf courses situated near Game Reserves, the following animals are often spotted on the course and it is advisable to give them right of way; Elephant, Giraffe, Hippos, Crocodiles as well as the usual assortment of buck.

Unfortunately crime is still a problem in some areas and whilst it is not necessary to become paranoid, it is important to always be vigilant and adhere to the guidelines given by the locals. This is particularly true if you are playing on a remote course which is not fenced in.

In certain areas, Summer brings with it the inevitable early afternoon Thunder Storm. Whilst these are often dramatic, intense and beautiful to watch, extreme care must be taken on the Golf Course. It is advisable to return to the Club House as soon as you see/here in lightning in the area. If you cannot get to the Club House, ensure that you do not take shelter under any trees.

Interesting Facts:

Golf, in the form we know today, has been played on Scotland's Musselburgh Links (today the world's oldest golf course) since 1672.

South Africa has produced a number of golfers of the highest calibre, including Gary Player, Bobby Locke, Ernie Els and Retief Goosen, all of whom have won at least one “Major” championship.

In 2005 the Golf Digest estimated that there were 32 000 golf courses in the world, with new ones being opened every year.

Golf Terms:
Address: A golfer “addresses” the ball when he stands ready to swing with the club head resting just behind the ball.
Birdie: When the golfer scores one stroke under par for the hole.
Bogey: When the golfer scores one stroke over par for the hole.
Divot: is a piece of the turf displaced during a swing at the ball.
Eagle: When a golfer scores two strokes under par on a hole.
Handicap: this is the term used for the ranking given to a golfer and is used when competing. The golfer deducts his handicap from his total score in order to bring all golfers playing onto an even level.
: Numerous Links courses...
Golf Adventure:
Numerous Links courses...


The exact origins of golf are shrouded in the mists of time but it is generally accepted that the game of golf as we play it today, originated in Scotland.

Golf courses have not always consisted of 18 holes. As early as the 15th century, golfers at St. Andrews established a customary route through the undulating terrain, playing to holes whose locations were dictated by topography. The course that emerged featured eleven holes, laid out end to end from the clubhouse to the far end of the property. One played the holes out, turned around, and played the holes in, for a total of 22 holes


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