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Canopy Tours: 8 listings
Magaliesberg Canopy Tours
Rustenburg, NWP
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Magoebaskloof Canopy Tours
Mopani, LIM
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Tsitsikamma Canopy Tours, Stormsriver Adventures
Garden Route, WC
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Karkloof Canopy Tours
Midlands, KZN
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Drakensberg Canopy Tour
Drakensberg - Central, KZN
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Cape Canopy Tour
Overberg, WC
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Cape Town, WC
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Sparkling Waters Hotel and Spa
Magaliesberg, NWP
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: Funtimes at Magoebaskloof
Canopy Tours:
Funtimes at Magoebaskloof
Have you ever experienced that gnawing curiousity, wondered what it would be like to be a bird soaring above the forest canopy? Well, it is not an unattainable dream. Canopy tours give you the fabulous opportunity to do just that. These adventure tours involve sliding from one high level platform to another along a supporting steel cable suspended up to 30m above the forest floor. The tours usually feature up to 10 platforms and can take about 3 hrs to reach the end destination. The views are sublime and you'll enjoy the opportunity to look down on the forest and valleys in much the same way birds do. So if you are passionate about nature and enjoy viewing your surroundings from a different perspective, don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to fly through the forest tops!
A word on Canopy Tours:
  Today I have grown taller from walking with the trees. - Karle Wilson Baker  


All the necessary equipment for this spectacular outdoor adventure, including state of the art body harness, helmet, pulley and climbing gear will be supplied to you by the operators and you will have a full heads-up on how to slide down the cables before you embark on your epic journey.
: Awesome adventure
Canopy Tours:
Awesome adventure


To ensure your safety and to enhance this adventure sports experience, each group is accompanied by safety guides who also have an intimate knowledge of the fauna and flora of the area. And if you are a bit nervous, you can always opt to go in tandem with your own guide who will look after the sliding bit for you, leaving you to marvel at your surroundings. The whole system of platforms and cables is constructed according to strict civil engineering standards and conforms to environmental management requirements.
Canopy Tours: Drakensberg
Canopy Tours:


Canopy tours originated from the ingenious efforts of biologists who needed to study the diversity of plant and animal life in the upper canopies of forests. With a bit of lateral thinking involved, the first platform and pulley system was designed in the rain forests of Costa Rica to allow some biologists to examine previously inaccessible ecosystems. You can’t keep a good idea quiet and word of their exciting new activity spread. Soon a new form of eco tourism and outdoor adventure was launched in the upper reaches of forests in suitable areas around the world!

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